Creative Director


2011 - PRESENT


The early 2010’s saw Tumblr’s unprecedented shift from platform to artform in the internet age. Before Instagram, Tumblr was the place to find unique photography and creative inspiration. Looking for new avenues to express myself, I started Parties & Bad Dreams with a single frame from the cult-classic science fiction miniseries, The Langoliers. Eight years later, after amassing 75000+ hits and a feature in Complex Magazine, my stream-of-consciousness pop culture scrapbook has truly become creative therapy… an ongoing snapshot of the people, places, and moments that inspire me.

"If you're seeking a diverse collection of beautiful girls, pop culture references and other fresh imagery, check out Parties & Bad Dreams. We've had a few of our own but this is more like it. Really recognizes real and Parties & Bad Dreams is what's up."

- Justin Korkidis (Complex Magazine)

Parties & Bad Dreams

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